Below you will find some information about me and my hobbies. I'll try to provide some useful information for all my visitors, who cannot understand my German language pages...

Heinrich Vogt 1. About myself:

I was born in January 1963. Up until I became a student of computer science in 1988, I lived in Menden/Sauerland which is in the middle of Germany near the city of Dortmund. After working for a computer shop in Frankenthal / Ludwigshafen, I moved to Frankfurt a.M. in 1992 and then to Stuttgart-Zazenhausen in 1995. At the moment I'm working as a Project Manager within IT Services.

2. About my hobbies:

There a three main hobbies at the moment, playing drums and bass, maintaining my homepages. I like to create web pages with some relevant text.

Last Update: 1st of October, 2017